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Lynne Williams Maine Legislature Bar Harbor Lamoine Mt. Desert
Lynne Williams Maine Legislature 2020 Bar Harbor Lamoine Mt. Desert
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Viewpoint: What if you land the
job, but can’t get there?

August 14, 2020

By Lynne Williams, Esq.
Infrastructure is a popular word in Maine these days, and a popular cause. The recent passage of a ballot measure in the amount of $15 million in general obligation bonds for the ConnectME Authority, to provide funding for high-speed internet infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas of the state, is very welcome. Remote learning and business creation and operation are important in our rural state and broadband access is required for both purposes.

However, infrastructure needs to include more than just broadband. People still need to physically get from location one to location two and nowhere is that more challenging than in rural Maine When I pick up hitchhikers along Route 3, they often mention that they are on their way to work or to a job interview.

Recently, a young man posted on a Facebook page for a rural Maine town that he had gotten a good job offer and needed help with transportation. He noted that he didn’t have a car, but he hoped to be able to get one after a while in the new job. (READ MORE)

"A constituent emailed me and asked about my education, business and community experience. Here’s how I responded:
I am an attorney and have been in solo practice for 18 years. Prior to that time I was a special education hearing officer and mediator. Prior to moving to Maine 22 years ago, I owned and ran an independent bookstore in San Francisco as well as a medical and legal transcription business.
I have a BA in psychology, an MA in experimental psychology, a PhD in social psychology, specializing in conflict resolution, and a JD.
I am currently the Chair of the Harbor Committee of Bar Harbor and was formerly Chair of the Planning Board. Soon after arriving I was appointed to the Family Advisory Board of the Maine Program for Children with Special Health Care Needs."



Lynne Williams State Representative:
Maine House District 135 –
Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, and Lamoine.

Power To The People (the way things should be)


Federal officials sign off on Maine’s plans for production of hemp

The state's hemp program now includes 110 outdoor licenses and 362 licensed acres of planted hemp, as well as seven indoor grower licenses, the agriculture department said.


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